Google SoC 2018. diary: Ep 6 - Phase 2 is over

Long time no see. I haven't published a single blog post during the pase 2. The main reason is my overwhelming university work. This became a much greater issue than I anticipated. Aside from uni, I had almost no time to work on GSoC. I seriously underperformed to the point where passing the phase was in question. Thankfully, I did manage to get most of the phase 2 work done [Read More]

Finding the biggest storage consumers on Mac OS

So I encountered a nice problem. I own a 120GB MacBook, which makes me super conscious about the space that I use. Most of my "bigger" files are in the cloud, so that I can have most of my SSD for Apps and such. However, my disk usage has gotten ridiculous in the last couple of months. 100+/120GB used, with no obvious suspects! Some proposed to go [Read More]

Google SoC 2018. diary: Ep 5 - Cleaning up -- end of phase 1

A lot has changed since the last post. I realised that I had a ton of misconceptions about the workings of GNUstep. The code that I've written so far was messy, full of bugs, and sometimes just stupid and wrong. There are a couple of things that I've done this week. Firstly, I realised that I don't need my NSView-s to be compatible with NSOpenGLView - so I removed a [Read More]

Google SoC 2018. diary: Ep 3&4 - First work!

The Third week of GSoC 2018. ended. It's just another ~1 week before the first phase ends, which means deadlines are just around the corner. I've started by refreshing my knowledge of Objective-C by creating some simple apps. After that, I dived into class categories, a feature of the language that I had never met before. Ivan provided me with a simple introductory task that required to add some functionality [Read More]

Google SoC 2018. diary: Ep 2 - Headwork

The first coding phase of this years GSoC began, and the first week is over. Unfortunately, I haven't got much "to show" so far. I'm still trying to balance my university and GSoC work, and it is pretty hard. However, I've managed to get some things done. I am surprised by the amount of headwork that GNUstep requires to get everything up and running. So far I've built [Read More]