So I encountered a nice problem. I own a 120GB MacBook, which makes me super conscious about the space that I use. Most of my "bigger" files are in the cloud, so that I can have most of my SSD for Apps and such.

However, my disk usage has gotten ridiculous in the last couple of months. 100+/120GB used, with no obvious suspects!

Some proposed to go to Finder->Search and sort the files by size. I let it spin for 10 minutes, no result.

The solution that worked great for me was GrandPerspective, a free and open source app that gives you a nice visual representation of your disk space.


And what do you know, Docker alone was taking up more than 10GB. It's a known issue with Docker for Mac - images don't get removed when you delete them.

There were also lots of remains in Library dir, a bunch of apps that I deleted still had their files there. Steam and NetBeans for instance, took almost 10GB as well.

Ahh, much better. This app is a lifesaver. Would recommend to anyone.