A lot has changed since the last post.
I realised that I had a ton of misconceptions about the workings of GNUstep.
The code that I've written so far was messy, full of bugs, and sometimes just stupid and wrong.

There are a couple of things that I've done this week.
Firstly, I realised that I don't need my NSView-s to be compatible with NSOpenGLView - so I removed a bunch of thoose methods from my code. Most of them were badly modified code from NSOpenGLView.m with a bunch of bugs and some of them didn't make any sense at all.

Thankfully, Fred and Ivan pointed it out and helped. Sorry guys for all the frustration that I caused :)

Then, I finally got the demo working (again, thanks Ivan). I also cleaned up my codebase as much as I could, renamed a bunch of stuff (CAData is not GSCAData, NSView+CAmethods is now NSView+CAMethods and so on).

All in all, this week was mostly fixing all the stuff that I badly wrote last week. The code is still not superb, but I'm trying hard, and it is not easy given my limited Objective-C experience -- but if you ask me, the most important thing of all is that I'm learning and making progress.

At the end of phase one, I have now finished all the tasks from my phase 1 proposal. I think I've layed good groundwork for phase 2 -- drawing the contents of NSView into CALayer. Although my mentors could objectively have reasons to complain, they decided to let me pass this first phase (yay!:>), which is a success considering that I spend ~6 hours every day at university.

Until next time,