Long time no see. I haven't published a single blog post during the pase 2.

The main reason is my overwhelming university work. This became a much greater issue than I anticipated. Aside from uni, I had almost no time to work on GSoC.

I seriously underperformed to the point where passing the phase was in question.
Thankfully, I did manage to get most of the phase 2 work done in the last week, and Fred and Ivan, while not happy, let me slide.

For the phase 3 I'm free as a bird. No other commitments aside from GSoC. I am finally in the same position as our GSoC friends from the States, where university ends in May.

Anyways, a quick progress update: I've managed to get the drawing working. No, you still can't have a NSView contents drawn and rendered "automatically", but we're getting there.

I’ve managed to draw some custom graphics into a CALayer instance,
which is then drawn into a NSView-managed OpenGL context using a CARenderer. All this is glued together using the class category I started working on in previous phases. This proves that this whole project could work. "All" that remains is to draw the contents of a NSView, instead of some custom graphics.


Until next time,