The first coding phase of this years GSoC began, and the first week is over. Unfortunately, I haven't got much "to show" so far.

I'm still trying to balance my university and GSoC work, and it is pretty hard. However, I've managed to get some things done.

I am surprised by the amount of headwork that GNUstep requires to get everything up and running. So far I've built and installed all of the libraries relevant for my project, with Opal and QuartzCore as the last ones on the list.

The process wasn't as smooth as I anticipated, and it took me more than I wanted to set up everyhing. For example, libobjc2 master wasn't compatible with gnustep-base master, and I had to checkout to version 1.9 in order to get things to build.

All in all, I think now that everyhing is (almost) working, it shouldn't take much longer before I get productive.

However, there is still one pending issue that is somewhat stopping me from being able to work on all aspects of the project: QuartzCore seems to be broken (mailing list thread). Until that gets resolved, I wont't be able to see any results of my work.

As I said, I still havent got much to show. But aside from setting everything up, I started working out the details of the implementation for bootstraping QuartzCore with the rest of the GNUstep.

Until next week,

PS, I had no idea Opal was this beautiful ;)