This isn't the first year I applied for Google's Summer of Code (SoC) program. But its the first time I got accepted.

It is funny how life works in the most peculiar ways. Last year I found out about this Google SoC thingy. I spent nearly a month working on my proposal. I was a radical religious Pythonista back then, and the MediaGoblin project from the GNU organisation really sparked interest. As I said, I spent hours and hours every day working on the proposal. The final proposal I came up was nice, thanks to the input from my buddy Ivan Vučica, who is a former GSoC-er (currently a Google engineer) and was kind enough to review the proposal. However, I was swiftly rejected.

I kinda lost all hopes in GSoC, and decided to never apply again. I was dissapointed, after all. Then, a couple of weeks before the 2018.'s GSoC application deadline, Ivan messaged me, asking if I was going this year. My reflex response was "no way". Why bother spending countless hours working on the proposal, again, just to get rejected?

A couple of weeks later I cooled off and decided to give it a shot. This time I thought I could be working on GNU's GNUstep project, which is a cool set of Apples libraries (Cocoa, Foundation, ...) reimplemented as free (aka "open source") software. This year, way before GSoC, I got into some serious C programming, while working with OpenGL. I wrote a simple 3D renderer, and later wrote it again, in Objective C. So I had a nice skillset required for the project. It would be nicer if I was more exposed to Cocoa and Foundation, buy hey - nothing is perfect.

Anyways, in a couple of days I had left before the deadline, (with Ivan's enourmous support), I dived into the project and hacked together a proposal. The total number of hours invested was just a fraction of what I did last year. Finally, I submitted it minutes before the deadline.

Thanks to some unexplainable wizardry, I got accepted. Isn't that ironic?

Anyways, today is the 3rd of May, and it is currently the Community bonding period. The first Coding phase begins on 14th of May, which leaves me with just short of two weeks time to get started. I'm currently finishing my university midterms, which is why I didn't spend any time working on the project so far. But in a couple of days, the midterms will be over, and the coding may begin.

I'll try to publish a weekly blog post regarding the GNUstep and Google SoC 2018. - with intention to share my progress, thoughts, and ideas. I'll try to keep them techincal and related to the code, so if you didn't like the short pamflet I wrote here, good news for you! :)