Google SoC 2018. diary: Ep 1 - The genesis

This isn't the first year I applied for Google's Summer of Code (SoC) program. But its the first time I got accepted. It is funny how life works in the most peculiar ways. Last year I found out about this Google SoC thingy. I spent nearly a month working on my proposal. I was a radical religious Pythonista back then, and the MediaGoblin project from the GNU organisation really sparked [Read More]

Tying To Efficiently Mimic Object Oriented Programming In C

A couple of weeks back I gave myself the somewhat impossible task of writing a game/rendering engine in C. The "somewhat impossible" part relates to writing the engine in C. I actually think that writing rendering engines is awesome. There is so much computer science in those things, and it is overall much fun. So, while writing the damn thing in C, I encountered a serious problem. [Read More]