Computer graphics: handling multiple light sources

I'm writing this post because I've spent a week trying to figure this one out - and there isn't a one-size-fits all solution :) At least from the manhours perspective. So, after implementing simple lihgting in my toy game engine, I wanted to add more than 1 light. But since the light source coordinates are passed to the shader as uniform values, the number of lights was limited (to 1). There [Read More]

Google SoC 2018. diary: Ep 5 - Cleaning up -- end of phase 1

A lot has changed since the last post. I realised that I had a ton of misconceptions about the workings of GNUstep. The code that I've written so far was messy, full of bugs, and sometimes just stupid and wrong. There are a couple of things that I've done this week. Firstly, I realised that I don't need my NSView-s to be compatible with NSOpenGLView - so I removed a [Read More]

Google SoC 2018. diary: Ep 3&4 - First work!

The Third week of GSoC 2018. ended. It's just another ~1 week before the first phase ends, which means deadlines are just around the corner. I've started by refreshing my knowledge of Objective-C by creating some simple apps. After that, I dived into class categories, a feature of the language that I had never met before. Ivan provided me with a simple introductory task that required to add some functionality [Read More]

Google SoC 2018. diary: Ep 2 - Headwork

The first coding phase of this years GSoC began, and the first week is over. Unfortunately, I haven't got much "to show" so far. I'm still trying to balance my university and GSoC work, and it is pretty hard. However, I've managed to get some things done. I am surprised by the amount of headwork that GNUstep requires to get everything up and running. So far I've built [Read More]

Google SoC 2018. diary: Ep 1 - The genesis

This isn't the first year I applied for Google's Summer of Code (SoC) program. But its the first time I got accepted. It is funny how life works in the most peculiar ways. Last year I found out about this Google SoC thingy. I spent nearly a month working on my proposal. I was a radical religious Pythonista back then, and the MediaGoblin project from the GNU organisation really sparked [Read More]